Larry Brody on Writing for TV

The Back of Hollywood - by Edward Ruscha

Larry Brody has written over 500 hours of network television, including episodes of “Star Trek: Voyager,” “Walker Texas Ranger,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “The Bold Ones,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “The Rookies,” and “The Streets Of San Francisco.”

Here is an excerpt from an article of his:

Television’s got feature films beat

“Each year hundreds of screenplays become feature films. And each year thousands of teleplays become television episodes.

“Opportunity-wise, television’s got feature films beat. TV’s got the heat. The magic. The glitz. All that’s missing is you. How do you change that?

It’s about YOU first and your talent and ability second

“Well, first you’ve got to dedicate yourself to the Game. Accept the fact that TV is a personal business. It’s about YOU first and your talent and ability second.

“Your next step is to adopt the ‘career’ mindset. In television almost no one hits the jackpot with one script. In television we make a reputation for ourselves, amass credits and contacts, and get to a place where we can go to work everyday. Staff writing jobs are what TV is all about.

It’s easy to learn what the execs want

“Like most managers, TV execs want to work with people who are just like them. For many that means YOUNG. For almost as many that means NEW. But most of all it means you’ve got to be THEIR KIND OF PERSON.

“In all likelihood, you’re already leaning in that direction. It helps, though, to learn as much as you can about what captivates the hearts and minds of the execs, and, fortunately, it’s relatively easy to do so…”

Continued in article: Getting Started in L.A. – by Larry Brody.


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