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Cynthia MorrisCynthia Morris says on her site Original Impulse:

“Others dream of finally putting on paper the story they’ve been wanting to tell for years but have been afraid to begin.

“With me, they stop merely dreaming and they start writing.

“I’ve been a writing and creativity coach full-time since 1999, and I know that most of you aren’t looking for more platitudes about your creative self. You want to put the words down on paper.

“You want to know the right way to work so that you can stick with it. You want to make your writing into a real part of your life.”

About her Daily Writing Impulse subscription service – a prompt every day to your inbox.

Writers of all levels and genres can benefit from a daily writing practice. Members of the Daily Writing Impulse report more confidence, more connection with themselves and others, and more enjoyment with their writing.

You don’t need to become a reckless hermit to get your writing into your schedule. Over and over again, my clients report great satisfaction from writing just 15 minutes a day.

That’s right. Fifteen minutes a day builds a writing habit that you can maintain – on your terms.

Then there’s the problem of what to write. You’ve got a ton of story and blog ideas, but the starkly pristine blank page shuts that writing impulse down faster than you can say writer’s block.

You need the starter’s pistol to get you – and your words – out of the gate.

Get your writing out of your head and onto paper with the The Daily Writing Impulse, a monthly or annual subscription to daily email prompts.

They’ll spark your writing so that you’re eagerly setting aside 15 minutes each day to enjoy your writing fix.


The Daily Writing Impulse [which may no longer be an active service] offered “a simple, evocative writing prompt, delivered to your inbox, to keep writing in your life on a regular basis.

“When you write daily, or even a handful of days each week, you will:
generate fresh ideas
develop existing ideas
gain confidence in your writing
feel a sense of connection to your creative juju
enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your potential develop into something real.

A testimonial:

“When I switched to Cynthia’s prompts, I never went back to my own.

    “Using prompts generated outside myself helped me to break through the limits I had created. Cynthia’s prompts yielded more surprising connections and rewarding results. They often sparked a new way into my characters’ attitudes and interactions.

    “It also proved I could write from anything, any time.”    Julie Ball, writer, Australia

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Cynthia Morris is author of
Create Your Writer’s Life: A Guide to Writing With Joy and Ease.


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