Shelley Hitz on How to Self Publish

Shelley HitzShelley Hitz “has coached thousands of authors through her books, training programs, online events, seminars and has over a decade of experience speaking to groups of all sizes; from small workshops to keynote presentations in front of thousands.

“She has been writing and publishing books since 2008 and has personally authored over 35 books including print, eBook and audio book formats.”

[From bio on her site.]

Many programs and resources on her site Training Authors are designed to help writers self-publish.

She says, “It might not be as much work as you think.

“In fact, if you already own a website or blog, you can seamlessly transform your most popular content into a book.

“Think about it: you can take the same great content you’ve already written for your site and reformulate it into a printed book, PDF eBook or audio book to make the most of all your hard work.”

Continued in her article (with video): How to Self Publish a Book.


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